Boss Hotspot Elite

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Boss Hotspot Elite

We have made several changes to our Hotspot Light and would like to introduce you to the Boss Hotspot Elite. The control switch has been moved to the head. This seems to me the most comfortable position for most people along with the fact that in the winter if you wear a hoodie, the switch is easy to get to. We have also increased the brightness of the Walk Light and have adjusted the spot on the Main Beam to what we feel gives you the perfect balance between a tight spot and a wide angle spot.

We have reduced the weight down to having a Bump Cap light that weighs 22 ounces that is balanced to wear with comfort. We use what we sell and many other lights out there talk about being light weight. The accomplished that by removing batteries and running only two. We don't feel that gives the user enough burn time and we have three top quality batteries on every light.

The Main Beam comes with two choices. Warm White which is a dedomed LED that penentrates further into the darkness and has a tint which I feel allows you to see the image of the coon if it is in the fork of a tree or not looking and you need to see its fur. The Cool White Main beam appears to be a brighter white color, expecially when shined at short distances on a wall. Out in the woods it washes out at distances and in my opinon even though impressive at short distances does not stack up against the dedomed Warm White LED. Also you have a bright white walk light so why have two of the same colored beams.

The Colored LED that helps you find the coons eyes, comes in Red or Green. My choice is Red and that is the best seller but some prefer green and it also works great.

We travel to many major Coonhound Events around the Country every year and at each event people are comparing lights every night to see which one is brighter and shines further. The Boss Hotspot Elite stacks up against any of them and leaves many people wondering why they purchased a competitors light.

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If you need any questons answered call the store at 904-692-1568.



Black Redgeline Bump Cap

Winter Soft Cap with liner.

Summer Mess Back Soft Cap with liner and 1" holes in liner.


22 Ounces


On Head with 4 forward positions for Main Beam

4 reverse positons for Walk Light and Colored LED Control.


Each light comes with a Laser built into the head. This is great for showing people where the coon is in the tree.

Burn Time

4 Hours on High that dims down.

(Many compeitiors lights just shut completely down)

Walk Light and Colored LEDs will burn for days.

Battery Box

3 Top Quality Batteries

4v (3.7v)

Size 3.4 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches.


2 Full Year Warranty for parts and labor.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review