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5mm Neoprene-insulated bootie

Comfort Range 20-80 degrees F



Fiberglass shank

Comfort Sport Insole

Yoder Chap options: Yoder Chaps are constructed using an outer layer of Nylon material that is lined with very water repellent nylon that keeps you dry and makes the Chap Waterproof. While the outer material (depending on material selected) will stop briars, sharp sticks and abrasive cuts and even snakes with the snake proof chap. The nylon goes all the way down to the lower ankle of the boot, providing the boots and your legs with protection from sharp sticks and briars. They are carefully made, then sewn and sealed to the boot of your choice. Yoder Chaps have adjustable straps that fasten to your belt with a 3/4" plastic buckle. Snaps are also built into the Chap and are provided at the top of the chap and boot so they can be worn while folded down.

    • Yoder Lightweight Chap: A light yet very briar-resistant chap. It is a 400 weight brown denier nylon outer layer with a 400 denier inner water proof inner layer.

    • Yoder Heavyweight Chap: A tough, and long lasting chap made of 1000 weight brown denier nylon fabric. Twice as thick as the lightweight chap and has the same Waterproof inner 400 denier inner liner.

      • Yoder Super Chap: The #1 selling chap. The outer layer of this chap is one of the most popular ones. It is a 420 weight brown denier nylon, heavy coated domestic material.(Made in the USA). Briar proof and a very durable and a comfortable walking wader. Like all Yoder Waterproof Chaps it has a 400 denier inner layer of waterproof Nylon.

  • Yoder Snake Chaps: Made of the same material as the Heavyweight chap, the Snake chap has a triple layer of 1000 weight brown nylon all the way up for best protection. These chaps also have the 400 weight nylon waterproof inner layer. These chaps will offer additional protection in snake country, but no claims are being made or liability assumed as to their effectiveness.

  • Yoder Wicked Chap: This chap has an outer layer of 840 weight BLACK BALLISTIC nylon material. Extremely durable. Burrs will not stick to it. It is soft yet extremely strong. Like all waterproof chaps, this chap has a 400 weight inner water proof nylon liner.

  • Yoder Brushmaster Series Chap: If you have extreme conditions and want the strongest most durable chap for all conditions. The Brush Master is the Chap for you. It is a BLACK BALLISTIC 1680 weight nylon that is extremely abrasive proof and gives upmost protection in extreme conditions that most Hunters are exposed to. Like all Yoder Waterproof Chaps it has a 400 weight denier inner liner.

Chap Sizing- if you have any questions about sizing, please give us a call


(No reviews yet) Write a Review