• Superior StingRay

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    In 2015 we introduced the coon hunting world to the Superior Bushwhacker and a new LED, that was the CREE XP-L - currently that LED is used in virtually every coon hunting light on the market, including our own lights.  


    Today, we are introducing the coon hunting world to another new LED.  I'm excited about what I've seen from this LED. It gives us the ability to build a light that weighs less, has greater burn times from the same battery pack, and has a crisper whiter light than the XP-L.    


    The Superior Stingray is a new light that incorporates this new LED. The Stingray has a completely new thinner battery box, a new battery system, which is newer than batteries used in current lights. All of these features combined make the Superior Stingray a new design from the ground up.


    LUX values are rated on this light at 150,000 plus, with a spot that is tighter and far superior to most lights available today. The StingRay will weigh between 18-19 ounces depending on hat style and configuration, and will have a burn of 4 plus hours on high main beam with progessively longer burn times on the lower setting. 


    The Stingray is available with a single red color module, our Superior Triplex module which features a bright white walk light, red, and amber colors, or our newly designed Superior QuadTek module featuring dual white walk lights, red, and amber colors.


    All Superior StingRays are made in the USA and come with a 2 year warranty!!