Pinnacle (BSGC)

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Two piece design- the two piece design makes the reeds easy to access and clean or change. No more buying a new call or sending it off when reeds go bad. The Pinnacle is also O-ring fit, so it will only come apart when you want it too

Pinnacle reed system- the new reed system gives the user more range while using less air. From quiet to loud this call can hit every note with less effort.

Material- the molded poly housing gives the user the durability of aluminium without the tinny sound that such calls produce.

Durability- the poly housing will not shrink or swell when wet like wooden calls. It can get wet, muddy, and sandy and still function flawlessly.

Size- at only 2 and 3/4 inches in total length, the pinnacle is easy to carry in a pouch, pocket, vest, or on a lanyard

This is simply the most reliable, user friendly call ever made    (Color may vary)