• Boss Patriot

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    At Boss Lights we listen to what our Customers say. We were told the Coon Hunter wanted a sleeker looking light that is balanced. Has plenty of burn time. Has walk lights that you can actually see with, bight red LED's for finding the coon and a main beam that is powerful. We were told not to forget the Laser that we have been installing for about 4 years now as our customers love that.

    Kevin went to work and he came up with a sleeker smaller yet brighter module. We already had a module to house our walk lights and colored lights and Laser. But we wanted more lights with a smaller module. Looking at other lights it started to look like you were wearing a Christmas Wreath on you head with all the add on modules and expanded modules that were being attached to the main beam. As we work hard to listen to what our customers say. We heard they wanted less junk on their head and a light that is multifunctional with burn time to spare. We mastered the burn time several years ago with QUALITY BATTERIES and the newest LED's. So no need for a large battery box on our lights to get the burn time a Hunter needs.

    If this light is not all you need as a Hunter for your Safety and Enjoyment in the woods. We will gladly refund your money.